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About the Workshop

Leadership abounds with rewards and challenges.  It may create competition, open ourselves to criticism, possibly burn out, angry and hurt feelings may occur, and may also present opportunities of growth that we would not have had otherwise. Exploring our family of origin, our own personal history of leadership, mentors and models are ways to tap into our desires and decisions to lead or not to lead.   We will also consider our fears that may block our desires to lead and our passions that compel us into leadership.

Workshop Objectives

Participants will be able to:
- Identify what compels them to be in or seek leadership positions
- Evaluate what personal impact they want to make as leaders
- Trace family of origin positions of leadership
- Explore their life cycle of leadership: past, present and desires beyond
- Cite restraints and or what thwarts their thinking to full potential in leadership
- Explore excitements about being a leader and or follower

​​2019 Winter Workshop

January 25


Desires to Lead: Perils and Passions

Woman's Hospital

9:30am - 12:30pm

​Online registration has closed.  You can still register in person at 9am the morning of the workshop for an additional $15.

About the Speaker

Karen is a licensed clinical social worker in Baton Rouge, LA.  She has been practicing social work for 38 years and leading groups for 36 years.  She is in private practice, leads psycho-education groups for an IOP/PHP agency, supervises new professionals, runs short term therapy groups at OLOL Psychiatric Residency Program where she teaches from the groups she runs with psychiatric residents, as well as maintaining two therapy groups in her private practice.   She has stayed active in LGPS since being introduced to the organization in 1979, serving on the board in the past as treasurer, president, AGPA affiliate rep, and continues to be a leader of institutes and small experiential groups.  Karen has held many leadership positions within AGPA.  She is currently chair of the Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health and serves on the AGPA Executive Board as well as the Board of Directors.  Group treatment is truly the love of her profession.  She has presented nationally and internationally, most recently on leadership to the Mid Atlantic GPS and the San Antonio GPS.

CEUs Offered: 3

Psychologists: LGPS is an approved continuing education sponsor for Louisiana licensees.
Social Workers: LGPS is an approved continuing education sponsor for Louisiana licensees.
Counselors: Our workshop meets criteria for CEU approval, however you will need to submit the necessary documentation to receive them.