Institute Objectives

1. Learn what psychotherapy is and what is not?
2. Apply basic assumptions underlying all psychotherapies.
3. Appreciate empirical aspects of therapy as practiced by clinicians in the real world.
4. Observe and identify concepts via film demonstration.
5. Be exposed to Dream Interpretation: (Myths and Utility)
6. Apply basic concepts to Group Psychotherapy

7. The Utility of the Basic/Foundational Assumptions of Psychotherapy

About the Presenter

Dr. Christopher Garner is a Clinical Psychologist, Doctor of Psychology, and Certified Group Psychotherapist at Garner Psychological Services (GPS), Inc., and an Associate Clinical Professor at LSU-HSC Psychiatry & HSC-OLOL.

Continuing Education

This event is not pre-approved to provide CEUs, however, a certificate of attendance and the information to apply for CEUs will be provided should you wish to apply on your own after attending.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to offer CEUs for our smaller workshops in the future!

​​2018 Winter Workshop

February 10  (9am-12pm)

Christopher D. Garner, PsyD, CGP, MSCP
Effective Psychotherapy:
The Psychotherapeutic Mentality ™, Part I: 
Basic Assumptions, The Prime Movers & A Look at Dream Interpretation


The Recovery Center of Baton Rouge

673 E Airport Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Louisiana Group Psychotherapy Society