Louisiana Group Psychotherapy Society


Past Events: 2000-2009

2009 Spring Institute

Richard Billow, PhD, ABPP

Relational Group Psychotherapy: From Basic Assumptions to Passion

Books by Richard Billow (see Spring Institute 2014)

2008 Spring Institute

Robyn D. Walser, PhD

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Groups

2007 Spring Institute

James B. Arey, PhD, LPC   |   Doug Greve, MD, CGP, FAGPA   |   Mary Beth Seligman, LCSW   |   Anne Teachworth, CGP, DAPA

Al Viguerie, PhD, EFT-CC   |   Ann H. Wilder, LPC, NCC, CADC, LAC

Enhancing Group Psychotherapy Utilizing Inidividual Specialties

2006 Fall Institute

Anne Teachworth, CGP, DAPA, CPC   |   Ronnie Levine, PhD, FAGPA, CGP

Tools for the Group Therapist: Managing Stress Inside & Outside The Group

2005 Fall Institute

Tom Stone, PhD   |   Eleanor Komet, PhD   |   Richard Beck, LCSW   |   Cheryl Kalter, LPC   |   Jeffery Kleinberg, PhD   |   Doris Muniz, LMSW  

Bob Kalter, MD   |   Theresa Poenish, LCSW

Compassion Fatigue: Helping the Helpers

2005 Spring Institute

Harold S. Bernard, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA   |   Darlyne G. Nemeth, PhD, MSCP, CGP, CPQ

Honoring our Past, Celebrating our Present, Preparing for our Future

2004 Spring Institute

"A Necessary Relationship?" Psychotherapy & the Function of the Group in the 21st Century

2003 Fall Institute

Stanley Masinter, LCSW, CGP   |   Sherry Smelley, LCSW, DCSW

Excavating Treasure in the Ruins of Grief

2002 Fall Institute

Walton H. Ehrhardt, Ed.D

The Search for the Good Object: An Object Relations Approach to Group Psychotherapy

2001 Spring Institute

Cindy Aron, LCSW, CGP (Panel Moderator)

Sue Jensen, PhD, FAGPA, CGP   |   Douglas Greve, MD, CGP   |    Jeannie Falkner, LCSW, LMFT, CGP

Close Encounter of the Group Kind: Different Perspectives on Managing Common but Challenging Group Delimmas


   - Violent Men: A Viable Model for Group Work - Christopher Velardo, LCSW, BCD

   - Movement Work: Dancing with the Shadow - A Jungian Approach - Margot Hosha, LCSW, BCD

   - Treatment of Adolescent Substance Abuse: From Early Intervention to Dependency - Lyn Hassenboehler, LCSW, ASCW

   - Solution Focused Group Therapy: Utilizing Problem Solving & Strengths - Marvin Clifford, PhD, LCSW, CGP

   - Epiphany: Discovering Meaning & Purpose Through Life Narrative - Randy Weeks, MS, LPC

   - Group Therapy with Schizophrenic & Other Patients: Practical Considerations - Janet Johnson, MD

   - Applications of Transactional Analysis Theory in the Daily Practice - Klaus Lumma

2000 Spring Institute

Melvin J. Stern, MD

The Leader in the Group: Transference and Countertransference Resistance in Group Psychotherapy


   - Use of Spirituality in Group Therapy - Darryl Ducote, BCSW, ACSW, CGP

   - Life in the Fishbowl: Group Therapy in Local Communities and Small Towns - Jeannie Falker, LCSW, LMFT, CGP

   - Group Treatment Process and Developmental Stages with the College Population - Cammie Lapenas, BCSW, BCD & Phyllis Lafeaux, BCSW

   - Working with Couples in Groups - Janice McDemott, BCSW

   - Living in the Canyon of Why - LOSS - Frank Campbell, BCSW, PhD

   - Psychotherapies and Psychotherapists of the Future - Sue Jensen, PhD