Louisiana Group Psychotherapy Society


Past Events: 1988-2009

2009 Spring Institute

Richard Billow, PhD, ABPP

Relational Group Psychotherapy: From Basic Assumptions to Passion

2008 Spring Institute

Robyn D. Walser, PhD

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Groups

2007 Spring Institute

James B. Arey, PhD, LPC   |   Doug Greve, MD, CGP, FAGPA   |   Mary Beth Seligman, LCSW   |   Anne Teachworth, CGP, DAPA

Al Viguerie, PhD, EFT-CC   |   Ann H. Wilder, LPC, NCC, CADC, LAC

Enhancing Group Psychotherapy Utilizing Inidividual Specialties

2006 Fall Institute

Anne Teachworth, CGP, DAPA, CPC   |   Ronnie Levine, PhD, FAGPA, CGP

Tools for the Group Therapist: Managing Stress Inside & Outside The Group

2005 Fall Institute

Tom Stone, PhD   |   Eleanor Komet, PhD   |   Richard Beck, LCSW   |   Cheryl Kalter, LPC   |   Jeffery Kleinberg, PhD   |   Doris Muniz, LMSW  

Bob Kalter, MD   |   Theresa Poenish, LCSW

Compassion Fatigue: Helping the Helpers

2005 Spring Institute

Harold S. Bernard, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA   |   Darlyne G. Nemeth, PhD, MSCP, CGP, CPQ

Honoring our Past, Celebrating our Present, Preparing for our Future

2004 Spring Institute

"A Necessary Relationship?" Psychotherapy & the Function of the Group in the 21st Century

2003 Fall Institute

Stanley Masinter, LCSW, CGP   |   Sherry Smelley, LCSW, DCSW

Excavating Treasure in the Ruins of Grief

2002 Fall Institute

Walton H. Ehrhardt, Ed.D

The Search for the Good Object: An Object Relations Approach to Group Psychotherapy

2001 Spring Institute

Cindy Aron, LCSW, CGP (Panel Moderator)   |   Sue Jensen, PhD, FAGPA, CGP   |   Douglas Greve, MD, CGP   |    Jeannie Falkner, LCSW, LMFT, CGP

Close Encounter of the Group Kind: Different Perspectives on Managing Common but Challenging Group Delimmas

2000 Spring Institute

Melvin J. Stern, MD

The Leader in the Group: Transference and Countertransference Resistance in Group Psychotherapy

1999 Spring Institute
Dr. Mark Lawrence 
Innovations and Advances in Group Treatment

1998 Spring Institute
Doug Greve, MD    |  Karen Travis, BCSW    |  Teresa Adams, BCSW
Healing and Destructive Process in Group Therapy

1997 Spring Institute 
David M. Hawkins, MD, FAGPA, CGP
Stereotypes, Idealization and Shame: Recognizing Barriers to Intimacy

1996 Spring Institute
Gathering of Men, Circle of Women

1995 Spring Institute
Lita Moses, LSW
The Therapist's Journey: Caring for Self, Caring for Others

1994 Fall Institute
Rev. Torin Sanders, BCSW  |   Donald G. Hoppe, PsyD   |   Susan Herrod, MSW, BCSW   |   Robert E. Roberts, PhD, DDS, MSW  
​Cammie Lapenas, MSW, ACSW, BCSW, BCD   |   Suzanne Perry, MSW, BCSW, ACSW   |   Ann Stehr, BCSW     
The Faces of Violence

1994 Spring Institute
Group Certification and Time-Limited Groups for Managed Care

1993 Fall Institute
Barry M. Daste, BCSW  |  Doug Greve, MD  |  Patricia Aptaker, PhD
Developing Your Own Style

1993 Spring Institute
K. Roy MacKenzie, MD
The Challenge of Time Limited Group Psychotherapy

1992 Fall Institute
Cultural Diversity: Impact on the Therapeutic Alliance

1992 Spring Institute
Anne Alonso, PhD, FAGPA
Group Treatment of Severely Disturbed Patients

1990 Spring Institute
Erving Polster, PhD
On the Growing Edge: Gestalt Therapy in Group

1988 Spring Institute
Alberto C. Serrano, MD
New Directions in Family Treatment: Combining Individual, Group and Family Therapy