Louisiana Group Psychotherapy Society


Past Events: 1988-1999

1999 Spring Institute

Dr. Mark Lawrence

Innovations and Advances in Group Treatment


   - The Inner Couple: A Genealogical Based New Approach to Couples Counseling - Anne Teachworth, CGT, DAPA

   - Group Treatment of the Pathological and/or Significant Others VS. GA & Gama-non - Karen Grench, BCSAC, CCGC

   - Teen Survivors of Suicide: Challenges to Adolescent Mourning in the Aftermath of Suicide - Douglas Leyda, MSW & Leslie Dicharry, MSW

   - How to do Time Limited Anger Management Groups in Children Ages 5-10 - Darlyne Nemeth, PhD, CGP

   - The Use of Paradox, Irony and Sarcasm in Group Psychotherapy - Doug Greve, MD, CGP

   - From Fellowship to Stewardship: Maximizing the Treatment of Group Experience for People in Recovery - Catherine LeMieux, PhD, ACSW

   - Recognizing Disease and Continuum of Care for Impaired Professionals - Beryl Smith, RN, BCSAC, CCGC

   - Humor: Bitter or Better! It's Up to You! - Marion Wikholm, BCSW

   - Developing Structured Groups for Children and Adolescents: A Developmental Approach - Alicia Pelligrin, PhD

1998 Spring Institute

Doug Greve, MD   |   Karen Travis, BCSW    |   Teresa Adams, BCSW

Healing and Destructive Process in Group Therapy


   - How to Resolve Marital Conflict and Help Couples Reach their Sexual Potential - Janice Rosenkrantz, PhD & Art Rosenkrantz, PhD

   - Sibling and Family Patterns Affecting Group Dynamics - Anne Teachworth, CGT

   - A Dose of Our Own Medicine, Therapist's Burnout - Alan L. Taylor, PhD & Leslie Todd, BCSW

   - Modified Interactive Group Therapy Approaches with Addicted Populations - Arthur Hyde, MS, LPC

   - Clinical Impact of Critical Events in the Group's Life - Sue Jensen, PhD

   - The Challenges of Borderline Personality Disorder Group Psychotherapy - Tom Hauth, MD & Davis Tucker, MSW

   - Responding to Problem Behaviors in Structured Adolescent Groups - Alicia Pelligrin, PhD

   - Addressing Addiction Utilizing Construction Theory in Group - Barry Pilson, DSW

   - Geriatric Group Treatment in Day Hospital Settings - Mike Chafetz, PhD

   - Utilizing Small Groups in an Elementary School Setting - Charlene Berry, BCSW, ACSW

   - Company Employed Therapist: Who's Running this Group Anyway? - Sally Williams, BCSW

   - Achievement Oriented Time Limited Brief Group Psychotherapy: A Multisystems Approach - George A. Greenberg, DSW, BCD, CGP

1997 Spring Institute

David M. Hawkins, MD, FAGPA, CGP

Stereotypes, Idealization and Shame: Recognizing Barriers to Intimacy


   - 12 hour Core Course - Doug Greve, MD, CGP & Karen Travis, BCSW, CGP

   - Advanced Clinicians: Difficult Clients and Group Issues - Gretchen Goodrich, BCSW, Darlene Nemeth, PhD, Craig Pourcaiu, MS, Irwin Marcus, MD (Panel Moderator)

   - Ethical Dilemmas in the Practice of Group Therapy - Brenda Trivette, MSW, ACSW & Drayton Vincent, MSW, ACSW

   - Homophobia: Its Impact on Therapist, Lesbian and Gay Clients, and Other Group Members - Mindy Milam, BCSW, BCD

   - Cultural Competency: An Imperative for Ethnically Diverse Therapeutic Groups - Midge Denton, BCSW, ACSW & Dennis Dillion, BCSW, ACSW

   - Lost Voices: Group Psychotherapy with Adolescent Girls - Alicia Pellegrin, PhD

   - Narcissim as a Barrier to Intimacy - Irwin Marcus, MD

1996 Spring Institute

Gathering of Men, Circle of Women


   - Man to Man - Michael Cascio, BCSW, BCD

   - Hot Flashes, Divorce, Diabetes - Gretchen Goodrich, BCSW, BCD

   - Battle of the Sexes - Arthur & Janice Rosenkrantz, PhDs, CGPs

   - In Search of Her Self - Fran Clarke, BCSW

   - Living Happily Ever After: Women "Alone" at Mid-Life - Karen Travis, BCSW, BCD, CGP

   - Women and Group Psychotherapy - Sue Jensen, PhD, CGP

   - Change in the Stages of Marriage, or I Never Got Adjusted to the You That Got Adjusted to the Me - Chris Miaoulis, PhD, BCSW

   - Men's Development - Doug Greve, MD, CGP

1995 Spring Institute

Lita Moses, LSW

The Therapist's Journey: Caring for Self, Caring for Others


   - Money Issues in Therapy: The Last Frontier - Jeannie Falkner, LMSW-ACP, LCSW, LMFT, LPC

   - Adult Male Development and Its Effect on the Male Therapist and His Therapy - Doug Greve, MD, CGP

   - From Trauma to Transcendence: Managing Countertransference as Survivors Tell Us Their Family Violence Stories - Eugenia Patru, BCSW, ACSW, BCD

   - Healing the Healer: An Expressive Arts Experience - J. Malcolm Lanius, RMT/BC

   - The Therapist as Client - Physician Heal Thyself: Addressing the Risks and Rewards of the Journey Within Through Personal Psychotherapy - Linda K. Woodruff, DSW

   - Female Development and Women's Dreams - Sue Jensen, PhD, FAGPA

   - The Shadow of the Therapist - Charlene Henry, BCSW

   - Interior Landscapes: Drawing From Life - Anne Belleau Bigger, MFA, ATR

   - The Impact of Dealing with Dysfunctional Marriages on Your Own Marriage: Does Leading a Couples Group Make a Difference? - Arthur & Janice Rosenkrantz, PhDs

1994 Fall Institute

Rev. Torin Sanders, BCSW    |   Donald G. Hoppe, PsyD   |   Susan Herrod, MSW, BCSW   |   Robert E. Roberts, PhD, DDS, MSW  

​Cammie Lapenas, MSW, ACSW, BCSW, BCD   |   Suzanne Perry, MSW, BCSW, ACSW   |   Ann Stehr, BCSW    

The Faces of Violence

1994 Spring Institute

Group Certification and Time-Limited Groups for Managed Care


   - A Structured Therapeutic Group Experience for the Treatment of Depression - Angie H. Rice, M.Ed, BCSW, ABD

   - A Short-Term Model of Social Group Work with Adults - Marvin Clifford, BCSW, DSW

   - A Jungian Therapy Using Sand and Symbols to Explore Unconscious Levels of the Psyche in Children and Adults - Carol B. Greve, BCSW

   - Sex and Marital Therapy in Short Term Groups or Getting It Done Quickly - Arthur & Janice Rosenkrantz, PhDs

   - The Medication Check Group - Doug Greve - MD

   - Challenging Delineating Brief Time Limited Group Therapy: An Achievement Oriented Approach - George Greenberg - DSW, BCD

   - Anger, The Emotion: An Eight Week Model for a Didactic and Experiential Group on Anger Management - Karen Travis, BCSW, BCD

   - Group Treatment of Sex Offenders - A. Jerome Wilson, BCSW

   - The Mind/Body Connection: The Role of Group Therapy in Serious Medical Illness - Sherry V. Smelley, BCSW, ACSW

1993 Fall Institute

Barry M. Daste, BCSW   Doug Greve, MD   Patricia Aptaker, PhD

Developing Your Own Style

1993 Spring Institute

K. Roy MacKenzie, MD

The Challenge of Time Limited Group Psychotherapy

1992 Fall Institute

Cultural Diversity: Impact on the Therapeutic Alliance

1992 Spring Institute

Anne Alonso, PhD, FAGPA

Group Treatment of Severely Disturbed Patients

1990 Spring Institute
Erving Polster, PhD
On the Growing Edge: Gestalt Therapy in Group

1988 Spring Institute

Alberto C. Serrano, MD

New Directions in Family Treatment: Combining Individual, Group and Family Therapy