Louisiana Group Psychotherapy Society


Past Events: 2010-2019

2019 Fall Institute   (brochure)

Margaret Humphris, LCSW-BACS, CST-T
Using Sandplay with Groups: A Brief Overview  

2019 Spring Institute   (brochure) 

Cindy Aron, LCSW, CGP, FAGPA

​The Fury of Scapegoating: Finding Connection in the Face of Difference

2019 Winter Workshop
Desires to Lead: Perils and Passions

2018 Fall Institute   (brochure)
Rudy Troyer, LCSW & David "Fritz" Vogt, LCSW 
​Effective Group Work and Addictive Disorders: Undoing the Myth

2018 Summer Workshop
Gary G. Gintner, PhD, LPC-S

Transdiagnostics: From Diagnosing Disorders to Targeting Underlying Mechanisms

2018 Spring Institute   (brochure)

Peter J. Taylor, PhD, SEP, CGP, FAGPA & Roger Saint-Laurent, PsyD, SEP, CGP​
Moving beyond Ambivalence and Fear to Embodied Relationship: Group Psychotherapy Informed by the Principles of Somatic Experiencing

2018 Winter Workshop

​Christopher D. Garner, PsyD, CGP, MSCP​
Effective Psychotherapy: The Psychotherapeutic Mentality ™, Part I: Basic Assumptions, The Prime Movers & A Look at Dream Interpretation

2017 Fall Institute   (brochure)

Dayne Narretta, LCSW, CGP, BCD
​What's All the "Brouhaha" about Systems Centered Groups?  Functional Subgrouping: What it is, what it isn't and how

we use it to resolve conflict

2017 Spring Institute   (brochure)

Jeffrey S. Hudson, M.Ed, LPC, CGP, FAGPA​   website

Emotional Availability in Group: Expanding the Capacity for Intimacy in Group Members and Leaders

2016 Fall Institute   (brochure)

Art Therapy: Robin Toler, ATR-BC, LAC, AIT-C

Drum Circle: Stanley Masinter, LCSW, BCD, CGP

Mindfulness: Emeric Csaszar, PhD, LPC-S, NCC

Music Therapy: Mary Malloy, MA, MT-BC

Sandplay Therapy: Margaret Humphris, LCSW-BACS, CST

Going Beyond Talk

2016 Spring Institute   (brochure)

Molyn Leszcz, MD, co-author of Irvin Yalom's The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, 5th Edition
Maximizing & Sustaining Your Effectiveness in Group Psychotherapy​

2015 Fall Institute   (brochure)
David Hayes, PhD & Christen Cummins, LCSW 
Existential Group Psychotherapy

2015 Spring Institute   (brochure)

Philip J. Flores, PhD, CGP, FAGPA   website

Addiction as an Attachment Disorder: Implications for Group Psychotherapy

Books by Philip J. Flores​

​   Addiction as an Attachment Disorder (2011)

   Group Psychotherapy with Addicted Populations: An Integrative Twelve-step and Psychotherapy Theory (2007)

Mark Skellie, PsyD

Ethics In Practice: Managing Boundaries Within the Therapeutic Relationship

2014 Spring Institute   (brochure)

Richard M. Billow, Ph.D., ABPP

It's All About Me (and You): The Group Therapist's Use of Self

Books by Richard Billow

   Developing Nuclear Ideas: Relational Group Psychotherapy (2015) 

   Resistance, Rebellion and Refusal in Group: The 3 R's (2010)

2014 Fall Institute   (brochure)

John Pickering, Ph.D.

Mindful Interactions

2013 Fall Institute   (brochure)

Susanne M. Jensen, Ph.D, CGP, FAGPA

Finding Your Own Style as a Group Psychotherapist

2012 Fall Institute   (brochure)

Nancy McWilliams, Ph.D., ABPP   website

Psychoanalytic Sensibility: Understanding Personality, Enhancing Empathy, & Preserving Our Humanity as Psychotherapists 

Books by Nancy McWilliams
   Psychoanalytic Diagnosis, 2nd Edition: Understanding Personality Structure in the Clinical Process (2011)
   Psychodynamic Case Formulation (2006)

2012 Spring Institute

Marty Livingston, PhD

Vulnerable Moments: A Self-Psychological Approach to Working with Groups and Couples

2011 Spring Institute

Jerome S. Gans, MD, CGP, DLFAGPA

Personal Experience in the Making of the Group Psychotherapist: From Shame to Courage

2010 Spring Institute

Richard Billow, PhD, ABPP

Sense, Myth, & Passion: The Group as a Psychoanalytic Object

Books by Richard Billow (see above - 2014 Spring Institute)