Experiential Group Leaders​​

About the Process 
Our Spring and Fall Institutes consist of learning through a combination of large group didactic presentations, group as a whole experiences, small experiential group participation, and observation of the group process.  Three experiential group sessions (two sessions during fall institutes) are held throughout the institute. There are typically 5-10 members in each experiential group.  Institute participants are pre-assigned to a group/group leader at the time of registration.  Participants and leaders are expected to attend all small group sessions.  These sessions are treated as confidential.   

The Role of Experiential Group Leader 
Group leaders will provide a structure to bridge experiential learning with cognitive understanding of the group’s development and the institute themes. The leader’s task is to help the group study its own behavior and to protect the safety of its members as well as the boundaries of the group.  Meetings with the LGPS institute guest speaker and experiential group leaders will occur during the institute to provide support, debriefing and group consultation to those facilitating the experiential group sessions.

​​Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) 
"A Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) is a clinical mental health professional who meets internationally accepted criteria of education, training and experience in group psychotherapy. A CGP is an ethical practitioner who is an expert in group psychotherapy and is committed to group psychotherapy as an autonomous treatment modality. The International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists offers this certification in group therapy for practicing clinicians. This credential requires a master's degree or higher in a designated mental health specialty and clinical group experience with supervision/consultation. The CGP is valid for two years and then needs to be renewed. The CGP provides formal recognition that the practitioner has a specialty expertise in Group Therapy practice."​​​​

Louisiana Group Psychotherapy Society