​Past President

Rudy Troyer, LCSW​
CEO & Administrator at The Recovery Center of BR

​​Membership Chair
Cat Poehling​​​, LCSW

Private Practice

​President Elect


2022-2023 Board Members

​The LGPS Board

LGPS has a history of strong leadership in the community and within the organization itself.  The board is comprised of well-respected group therapists throughout the state.  The board members are elected to office by the membership, and must be licensed professionals in their various disciplines.  In order to rise to the office of president of the organization, the candidate must have the highest level of professional licensure available in their discipline.  LGPS currently has a representative on the AGPA national board as well as a position in the affiliate assembly.  

Past board members of LGPS include directors of LSU Mental Health Center, Sue Jensen, Bernard Atkinson and Art Rosenkrantz; longtime Baton Rouge professionals, Karen Travis, Gretchen Goodrich, Darlyne Nemeth, and many other statewide professionals.  Three past presidents have earned the designation of Fellow in AGPA, and several have held national offices in AGPA.

Board Members
Leslie Green, LCSW

​Field Education Coordinator @ LSU School of Social Work

David "Fritz" Vogt, LCSW

Private Practice

Student Representatives


2022-2023 Executive Board Members


Kevin Credeur, LPC, CGP 
Private Practice​​

AGPA Affiliate Representative



Anwar Francis, LCSW
Private Practice


​Noelle Raymond, LMSW
​LSU HSC Campus Assistance Program

​​Members at Large

Christen Cummins, LCSW-BACS​

Private Practice

Catherine Kelleher​​

Maggie Credeur, LCSW
Private Practice​​​​​​​

Louisiana Group Psychotherapy Society